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Bifurcation Blues

What Is Need For ‘Namaste Telangana’ To Cover AP Assembly Sessions!? – Kodela


The AP Assembly Speaker and other officials have refused to issue passes to reporters of Namasthe Telangana and asked them straight if it is needed for them to cover the upcoming AP assembly sessions! As a practice, passes for Assembly sessions are issued as courtesy for even media of other States, apart from national media. So the speaker’s question smacks of an agenda. And importantly, the AP sessions are happening in Telangana capital. So naturally it is NT’s business! There has been lot of hue and cry over media freedom these days, even going to the extent of supporting open abuse by some channels. But as we have seen earlier, there won’t be any noise about this violation. Earlier, T News ...

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KCR & Chandrababu Hold Talks & Claim Success

cm kcr talks naidu

Telangana and AP CMs KCR and Chandrababu Naidu met at the Raj Bhavan and discussed for over 2 hours extensively on several issues, from employee allotment to sharing office space in the legislature. In their press conferences after the meeting, both CMs claimed vital progress and consensus on several issues and also declared that they have decided to join hands to keep Telangana and Andhra Pradesh on the development track and if need be, exert pressure on the Centre to ensure that the two states of Telugus get their due. At first, Naidu and KCR had a one-on-one for more than an hour in Governor’s chamber. Only the Governor was present in that hour. Later, Speakers of the two Assemblies, Sirikonda Madhusudhanachary ...

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Prof. Gautam Pingle To Work On Bifuraction Of PSUs

The Telangana government has appointed retired Prof of ASCI Gautam Pingle to work on restructuring PSUs of composite AP. He will be continuing the work of the 3 member committee that was formed to prepare a draft demerger plan for all companies mentioned in the Schedule IX of the AP Reorganisation Act. The three-member committee to prepare  met twice and discussed several plans with CEOs/ joint MDs of eight companies and recommended engaging the services of Gautam Pingle, who has vast experiences in Public Administration. Mr Pingle would work for a period of six months and will coordinate with retired IAS officer AK Goel, a member of the panel and advisor to the State Govt. The retired professor will be paid ...

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AP Govt’s Continuous Defiance Of AP Re-organization Act Over Power Sharing

- Venkat Gandhi Poddutoori I feel sad that the state of AP that we belonged to for 58 Years choose to Breach the Law and deny the fair Share of Power promised in the Andhra Pradesh Re-organization Act 2014 that the people of Telangana needed most in the peak Summer . APERC has summarized as below in its Order on 11th Aug 2014 “ Chapter V- Summary of Findings 97. The PPAs submitted by APCC/APDISCOMS are not void for want of express consent of the Commission. Refer Paras 53 to 77 above. 98. The attempted withdrawal of select PPAs by APGENCO is not valid and such PPAs cannot be unilaterally rescinded by APGENCO. Refer Paras 78 to 88 http://www.aperc.gov.in/aperc1/assets/uploads/files/4aea9-o.p.-no.s14-to-25-of-2012-(suo-moto).pdf No force can set right the ...

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Kamalanathan Decides To Verify SR & Education Certificates To Decide Nativity

secretariat fence

Kamalnathan committee met yesterday for finalising the guidelines for the distribution of State-level employees between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in its meeting. The Chief Secretaries of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana — I.Y.R. Krishna Rao and Rajiv Sharma — respectively gave their dissent notes with regard to certain provisions in draft guidelines 18(f) and 18 (n) and other issues. Telangana officials have raised serious concerns with regard to 18(f) which said in the event of more posts than the ‘local candidátes’ in a cadre in one State, those from other States would be allotted to those posts on the basis of reverse order of seniority. Telangana officials also objected to 18(n) which said that local status would be decided by the ...

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