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GHMC Eng Survey

Download GHMC Intensive Household Survey Forms, Manuals & Codes (English)

Download the Telangana Samagra Kutumba Survey English Survey forms, Manuals and Codes the State Government has finalized for use on August 19th, 2014 in GHMC. Below are links.

Forms For GHMC Area in English:






  1. Excellent surve for Telangana
    Best disition by KCR

  2. This surve is best for Telangana future plan. But not leave any Galli Leader to State leader.
    For Thanks to take Dare disition by KCR.

  3. We are very happy to Be a Telangana people this is the symbol for Developing our state

  4. I welcome this survey. It is very good attempt to plug leakages in government scheme. Single day survey will certainly help in reducing chances of multiple white cards / ration cards etc. However I have certain doubts. Is our data safe with enumerators? If the idea was to weed out white card why not a targeted survey for white card owners without making any announcement? Who takes responsibility of safeguarding the details provided. Why does the GHMC / Telangana need copies of documents? Is simple verification of documents by enumerator not enough. Why should anyone provide bank details for this is one detail that can be misused very easily. Lastly if I am not availing any benefits under PDS / Fee reimbursement scheme / free land or house allocation do I really need to give thee details?


      I welcome this survey. It is very good attempt to plug leakages in government scheme. Single day survey will certainly help in reducing chances of multiple white cards / ration cards etc.But No enumerator/ Authorized person visited our house till 7 PM on 18–8-2014. My House No is 5-4-195/B/15/A, Twincity market complex, Moazamjahi Market, Hyderabad – 500001

  5. shanti kumar jain

    I have received one page survey form in Telugu. This form is totally different from the four page form in English. It is not understood why the one page Telugu format is not in English? There is lot of confusion.

    • Telangana Talkies

      Please try calling the toll free number 18004254731 or 24×7 GHMC helpline at 21111111 and get the English form.

  6. it is simple Dear Prakash Garu, that give only the bank a/c number with only a minimum balance no worries for that all – but as you said the only problem is that the data safety not only with the enumerator but post issue of cards. all this exercise is waste because all the govt dept knows very accurately whom double double welfare schemes are being given. Ironically it is India and without off – the – record fee nothing is done at all the GOVT dept whether cent/state. so all the officials/ dept knows accurately about the multiple beneficiaries of the various govt schemes. so this exercise is just a time pass, & shall lead to another fraud moreover that 1956 issue is also a big violation against TS state citizens privileges.

    to put a full stop of the said frauds in the govt sch is just hold the salaries of the govt officials the big neck officials only and to release their monthly salaries only after accurate sanction of the welfare schemes or make all the citizens an Income tax assesses by making the start-up tax slab from 10 lacs only however keeping the COMPUTATION CALC as it is.

  7. This survey is mainly to identify the deserving families for issuing WHITE CARDS. IT is a very good move by the Govt. One more option would have been better that, all the existing WHITE CARD holders ONLY should give their IDs etc at any E-SEVA counter on a single day and obtain a Acknowledgement slip with a barcode, which should be identified by the respective bar code identifier instrument before giving the WHITE CARD etc which will solve 75% of the multiple white cards to families/ strangers who are non residents of a particular address. AS A TRUE N SINCERE CITIZEN we have to welcome this kind of enquiries very often, but definitely NOT IN THIS MANNER, but by using e-technology/emailing between 2 dates with the PAN/Adhar no as the password/id for login so as to eliminate many untrue persons. GOD BLESS ALL… JAI KUSUMA HARA

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