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CM KCR & Family Attend Survey & Fill Out Forms

KCR Survey

Taking the lead in the Telangana survey, CM KCR and his family participated in the Intensive Household Survey in Hyderabad and gave out all required information in the 3 page survey form bought by enumerators. His son KTR and grandchildren were present during the survey. Interestingly, only a day before, TDP MLA Revanth Reddy challenged the CM to do the same and criticized the CM of arranging the survey with an agenda. While allies TDP and BJP have dubbed the survey with all kinds of labels, the State’s population overwhelmingly participated in the survey with more than 90% of survey reportedly complete by 9 PM. In some areas, survey was happening late into the night. The State Government already announced tomorrow ...

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What Is Need For ‘Namaste Telangana’ To Cover AP Assembly Sessions!? – Kodela


The AP Assembly Speaker and other officials have refused to issue passes to reporters of Namasthe Telangana and asked them straight if it is needed for them to cover the upcoming AP assembly sessions! As a practice, passes for Assembly sessions are issued as courtesy for even media of other States, apart from national media. So the speaker’s question smacks of an agenda. And importantly, the AP sessions are happening in Telangana capital. So naturally it is NT’s business! There has been lot of hue and cry over media freedom these days, even going to the extent of supporting open abuse by some channels. But as we have seen earlier, there won’t be any noise about this violation. Earlier, T News ...

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Hyderabad Wears A Deserted Look, As Survey Brings State To Standstill

hyd deserted

Greater Hyderabad, with more than a million population, wore a deserted look today with normally busy and congested roads getting completely empty. Transport services have been stopped, offices, education institutes closed and cinema theatres, petrol stations shut down — the Telangana government ewent all out to make every one in the new state’s population is counted and their socio-economic status profiled on Tuesday. People have moved in large numbers to their villages to register, while Telangana migrants from out-of-state came home for the same purpose. Though the State Govt stated that people need not be in native places for the survey, people took no chances and deserted the city and went to native places to attend survey there. With nobody and no vehicles ...

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GHMC Phone Numbers In 150 Locations For Your Survey Related Doubts

survey previsit

For people residing in GHMC limits, If you have any questions with regard to the pre-survey visits or the survey tomorrow, you can call the number below for your location and get answers for your queries and the needed support. ప్రాంతం డీసీ పేరు ఫోన్ నంబర్ 1 కాప్రా పి. శ్రీనివాసరెడ్డి 9701362714 2 చర్లపల్లి పి. ప్రభాకరం 9704405795 3 మల్లాపూర్ యం. శేఖర్‌రెడ్డి 9989930625 4 నాచారం ఎస్.రాజేశ్‌కుమార్ 9849904234 5 ఉప్పల్ రవిందర్‌రావు 9440902310 6 హబ్సిగూడ ఇ. రాజేందర్‌దాస్ 9849907699 7 రామాంతపూర్ టి.డి.వి.ప్రసాద్ 8008103694 8 కొత్తాపేట్ ఇ.శ్రీనివాస్‌చారి 9701362809 8 కొత్తాపేట్ వేణుగోపాల్‌రావు 9848779522 9 మున్సూరాబాద్ పి.వి.కృష్ణారావు 9704404902 10 హయత్‌నగర్ ఎస్.శ్రీమతి ఇందిర 9177904943 11 వనస్థలిపురం అన్నపూర్ణ 9177701928 12 ఖర్మన్‌ఘాట్ డా.అజీమ్‌ఖాన్ ,  ఆనంద్ 9701362898 13 చంపాపేట్ సురేందర్‌రెడ్డి 9704890676 14 సరూర్‌నగర్ మోహన్‌రెడ్డి 9000420691 15 రామకృష్ణాపురం దత్తాపత్ 9989930383 16 గడ్డిఅన్నారం జగన్‌మోహన్ 9849907629 ...

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High Court Upholds Intensive Household Survey

Rural Telangana Survey form

Hyderabad High Court on Monday refused to issue a stay on the Intensive Household Survey being conducted by Telangana Government across 10 districts, including Hyderabad. This is the 2nd time the court refused to give any stay or interim orders against the survey, in last 4 days. While referring to a petition filed by Supreme Court Advocate P V Krishnaiah seeking to quash the survey order as the government failed to follow Constitutional norms and procedures, the court made it clear that they cannot direct the government to stall it’s procedure. The petitioner appealed to the court to stop the survey as the government issued a circular instead of a GO with regard to the survey. On hearing the arguments of the Government counsel, who also submitted all details ...

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