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AP Govt’s Continuous Defiance Of AP Re-organization Act Over Power Sharing

- Venkat Gandhi Poddutoori

I feel sad that the state of AP that we belonged to for 58 Years choose to Breach the Law and deny the fair Share of Power promised in the Andhra Pradesh Re-organization Act 2014 that the people of Telangana needed most in the peak Summer . APERC has summarized as below in its Order on 11th Aug 2014

 Chapter V- Summary of Findings
97. The PPAs submitted by APCC/APDISCOMS are not void for want of express
consent of the Commission. Refer Paras 53 to 77 above.

98. The attempted withdrawal of select PPAs by APGENCO is not valid and such
PPAs cannot be unilaterally rescinded by APGENCO. Refer Paras 78 to 88


No force can set right the injustice by the State of AP on State of Telangana for neither time nor Power. The lost power cannot recovered

The fact that Telangana State has not sought Punitive measures speak where the Large Heart and Mean Heart Lies..

My dear Fellow Indians from the State of AP you have to come out and tell your Government to behave itself and STOP these deliberate and unfair violations of the fair shares that are doing worst damage to the people to people relationship between the two states, all people in Telangana are fully aware of these steps even if your media is hiding them to protect the sins of the chief minister AP against the state of Telangana

Here are some facts that throw light on the violations of AP Govt.

2nd June 2014 Telangana State is Established

AP – Re-organization Act 2014 Twelfth Schedule States

C. Power
1. Units of APGENCO shall be divided based on geographical location of power
2. Existing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with respective DISCOMS shall
continue for both on-going projects and projects under construction.
3. The existing Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) shall
function as a joint regulatory body for a period not exceeding six months within which time
separate SERCs will be formed in the successor States.
4. The existing State Load Despatch Centre (SLDC) shall function for both successor
States for a period not exceeding two years within which time separate SLDC shall be set up
for each successor State. During this period, the existing SLDC shall function under the
direct administration and control of the Southern RLDC at Bengaluru.
5. Transmission lines of APTRANSCO of 132 KV and higher voltage cutting across
the successor States shall be deemed as Inter-State Transmission System (ISTS) lines. The
transmission lines falling within the territory of each successor State shall be transferred to
the respective State Transmission Utilities. The maintenance of ISTS lines shall also be
done by successor States in their respective jurisdictions.
6. The power of the Central Generating Stations will be allotted in such ratio to the
State of Telangana and the State of Andhra Pradesh based on the actual energy consumption
of the last 5 years of the relevant DISCOMS in the respective successor State.
7. For a period of ten years, the successor State that has a deficit of electricity shall
have the first right of refusal for the purchase of surplus power from the other successor
8. The districts of Anantapur and Kurnool which fall within the jurisdiction of the AP
Central Power Distribution Company Ltd. will now be reassigned to the AP South Power
Distribution Company Ltd.

By Jun 19th, 2014 AP Stated it did not want to honour the power distribution formula as guaranteed in the AP Reorganization Act, Andhra Pradesh tried to retain the power produced by its thermal and hydro power stations and deprive Telangana of 460 MW the latter is entitled to. (In Violation of both 2 & 6 )

Telangana took it up as per the Act with Southern Regional Load Dispatch Centre (SRLDC) in Bangalore, which confirmed, existing power allocation between the two states will continue until the power ministry takes a final decision.

One hoped this settled the matter, no the AP has been defiant

Adding salt to the wounds was Government of India, Instead of settling the matter in peak summer due to deliberate breaching of act by AP and providing 24×7 power supply to AP by diverting Telangana’s share of Power to please the people of AP that their new Government did Magic! Allocates 65 MW more power exclusively to AP not Telangana that is craving for Power !!

29th June 2014
The Centre agreed to compensate 65 MW of additional power to AP after admitting that injustice was done to the residuary state in power allocation during bifurcation. The AP Cabinet meeting lauded the CM’s efforts to get 65 MW additional power after his meeting with Union ministers in Delhi.

Telangana is left with no option but to take it up with Central Government that does another routine meeting wasting time of high powered officials !

14th July 2014 
“We held a meeting to thrash out the power sharing issues between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in New Delhi on Monday. The discussions are still going on,” Neerja Mathur said.

Aided by centers prompt support to allocate power and purchase from Karnataka directly, AP does unthinkable next step, it without having any due notification and concurrence chokes the Common Grid by taking out 4 * 210 MW (840 MW) out of grid in the name of Annual Overhaul, I am an engineer and understand these are necessary but they are never scheduled at peak load season nor they are done to bring down PLF from Over 70% to Under 50% so at least, 2 or 3 of these Power Plant O/H was a deliberate act if not all the 4, here are the details available online at http://www.apgenco.gov.in/files/2.htm

Outage of Thermal Units
RTPP 2 (210 MW)  was under outage due annual O/H works  from 23:58 on  27.07.14 to 23:38 on 11.08.14
Dr NTTPS 5  (210 MW)  is under outage due annual O/H works  from 20:04 on  28.07.14 to 05:07 on 12.08.14
Dr NTTPS 3  (210 MW)  is under outage due annual O/H works  from 21:19 on  31.07.14
RTPP 5 (210 MW)  is under outage due annual O/H works  from 08:09 on 12.08.14

The Story Continues..

AP is defiant and dismisses the very existence of APERC now! Center continues its Passive and dangerous wait and watch approach. One does not know where the AP CM is taking the matters to and why is he so brazen and where does he derive this strength from.

Telangana as always will put its full faith in Constitution of India and follow its Dharma.


Happy Indpendence Day to Fellow Indians

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