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KCR & Chandrababu Hold Talks & Claim Success

Telangana and AP CMs KCR and Chandrababu Naidu met at the Raj Bhavan and discussed for over 2 hours extensively on several issues, from employee allotment to sharing office space in the legislature.

In their press conferences after the meeting, both CMs claimed vital progress and consensus on several issues and also declared that they have decided to join hands to keep Telangana and Andhra Pradesh on the development track and if need be, exert pressure on the Centre to ensure that the two states of Telugus get their due.

At first, Naidu and KCR had a one-on-one for more than an hour in Governor’s chamber. Only the Governor was present in that hour. Later, Speakers of the two Assemblies, Sirikonda Madhusudhanachary of Telangana and Kodela Siva Prasada Rao of AP, Chief Secretaries Rajiv Sharma and IYR Krishna Rao and finance secretaries also joined the CMs and continued the discussions.

Upon Governor’s request, both CMs gave press briefings later and conveyed the message that talks were fruitful. They also said they will meet a few more times to thrash out pending issues.

There was an air of optimism around the meeting as KCR and Chandrababu appeared jovial and willing to give-and-take at least on the minor issues like office space. Telangana CM let go of an office in Assembly premises while AP CM shortened AP Assembly session to allow Telangana assembly to convene early, in the same premises. Both CMs agreed to create supernumerary posts to accommodate their State level employees based on nativity. They also decided to share fairly whatever river waters are available in the reservoirs.

Both CMs reportedly agreed to leave the issues to the Chief Secretaries for resolution, instead of asking Centre’s interference. If they fail reaching consensus, both CMs would step in and discuss the issues.

The results of the meeting would be known after couple of days when both States’ officials meet and discuss further on several issues confronting the States post bifurcation.

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