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Kamalanathan Decides To Verify SR & Education Certificates To Decide Nativity

Kamalnathan committee met yesterday for finalising the guidelines for the distribution of State-level employees between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in its meeting.

The Chief Secretaries of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana — I.Y.R. Krishna Rao and Rajiv Sharma — respectively gave their dissent notes with regard to certain provisions in draft guidelines 18(f) and 18 (n) and other issues.

Telangana officials have raised serious concerns with regard to 18(f) which said in the event of more posts than the ‘local candidátes’ in a cadre in one State, those from other States would be allotted to those posts on the basis of reverse order of seniority.

Telangana officials also objected to 18(n) which said that local status would be decided by the entry in the service register. Instead they suggested it should be decided on the basis of verification of original school certificate. The AP government officials wanted nativity of the employees be decided based on service record (SR) alone. However, the Telangana officials contended that several AP employees submitted fake certificates to continue in Hyderabad. TS officials wanted that the Kamalanathan Committee verify the original certificates of the employees so that nativity would be known. Kamalanathan reportedly has decided to verify both SR and original certificates.

Both Chief Secretaries in principle agreed to fill the vacant posts and also consider creating supernumerary posts to retain all the native employees in their respective States. But no decision is made for now and it would be decided only after determining the final cadre strength of erstwhile composite AP. Allocations of positions would be done in ratio 13:10 in favor of AP. Then allocations would be made and depending on the deficit Telangana & AP has for officers in different cadres, the number of supernumerary posts that need to be created would decide future course of action. The committee would notify the cadre strength of united AP as on June 1, 2014 in a couple of days and upload it.

Meanwhile, it is decided that the last grade employees – sweepers, scavengers, record assistants, drivers, attenders – will be allocated either based on their option or their nativity.

The committee would forward its final guidelines and recommendations after the minutes of the meeting were signed by all the committee members to the Centre for its approval. In the meantime, to ensure transparency.

Once the Centre approved the guidelines, then the committee would upload the tentative cadre division between the two States in the ratio of 58:42 or geographic intensity of an activity. Then options would be sought from the employees for allocation of employees to the posts in each State. If there were any issues after that it would be for the respective governments to sort it out. The whole exercise is proposed to be completed by end of financial year.

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