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Survey Shows Telangana Govt’s Innovation, Guts & Energy

survey complete

- Vishweshwer Mangalapalli Much has been said and alleged about the intentions of the Comprehensive People Survey of Telangana. Thanks to the steadfastness of the Govt, we are moving ahead with it. If done with a reasonable amount of sincerity, the survey would lead to collection of data which would be a treasure trove. However, what will really determine the efficacy of this survey is what the Govt does with the data it collects post the survey. Given this context, I spoke with the Chief Data Scientists in a couple of analytics companies that I know of and both were unanimous that the data can be mined to give comprehensive insights which could form inputs into multiple areas In the recent ...

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CM KCR Flying To Singapore To Speak At IIM Alumni Meet

IIMPACT Singapore

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will fly to Singapore tonight at 11:30 PM from Hyderabad.KCR has been invited to speak at IIMPACT 2014, the annual IIM alumni meet, in Singapore. The CM will address the ex-students of the IIM working in different countries. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be the other key speaker at the event, which annually enlists an array of speakers from Singapore and around the world. Singapore government representatives, other global business leaders and experts have been the chief patrons of the event in the past. This the 7th year of the event and the theme for this year is “I’M the Change” and would be held at Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore. CM KCR is invited in recognition of ...

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Download Telangana Survey Forms

Survey 1

Updated (13 Aug, 2014) Download the Survey forms, Manuals and Codes the State Government has finalized for use on August 19th, 2014 across the State. Here are the links to download the PDF forms. Forms are separate for GHMC and Non-GHMC areas. Below are separate forms. GHMC Forms are available in both English and Telugu for download. These same forms would be used on survey day. The four page form is designed in English and Telugu separately for Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation limits and rural areas. The manual for enumerators and codes for different types of information in English and Telugu separately for GHMC and rural areas were also uploaded. The form for GHMC is distinct from that of the rural ...

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KCR & Chandrababu Hold Talks & Claim Success

cm kcr talks naidu

Telangana and AP CMs KCR and Chandrababu Naidu met at the Raj Bhavan and discussed for over 2 hours extensively on several issues, from employee allotment to sharing office space in the legislature. In their press conferences after the meeting, both CMs claimed vital progress and consensus on several issues and also declared that they have decided to join hands to keep Telangana and Andhra Pradesh on the development track and if need be, exert pressure on the Centre to ensure that the two states of Telugus get their due. At first, Naidu and KCR had a one-on-one for more than an hour in Governor’s chamber. Only the Governor was present in that hour. Later, Speakers of the two Assemblies, Sirikonda Madhusudhanachary ...

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TeNA’s Telangana Float At India Day Parade In New York


TeNa has organized a Telangana float this year at the New York City India Day Parade, which is organized on the occasion of India’s Independence day every year. For the past two years, TeNA has been participating in this parade and showcasing Telangana identity and culture by displaying Telangana cultural and historical symbols such as Bathukamma, Bonalu, Pochampally Sarees, Pembarthy metal works, Warangal Fort Thoranam, Charminar etc. This time being special, with Telangana State a reality, TeNA has put up a float and here are some pictures of it.

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