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Poorna & Anand Share Their Experiences Of Mt.Everest Conquest

Malavath Poorna, the youngest girl to scale Mt. Everest seen with fellow climber S. Anand Kumar in New Delhi on Wednesday.- Photo Rajeev Bhatt/The Hindu

At 6 a.m. on May 25, thirteen-year-old Malavath Poorna became the youngest girl to climb the world’s tallest peak. She had carried with her a photograph of Dalit leader Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and the Tricolour in a plastic bag acquired from a fancy store in Secunderabad. Among her belongings was also a flag of her school, the Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (APSWREIS), where Poorna is completing Class IX from the Nizamabad district, now in the newly-created Telangana State. Poorna is a ‘Swaero’, just as each one of the 1.7 lakh students who study at the 291 APSWREIS schools spread across the now divided Andhra Pradesh are known. When the going got tough during her ascent to ...

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About The ‘Unlettered’ Poet Ande Sri & The Telangana State Song He Composed


An illiterate and unlettered man has composed the song ‘Jaya jayahe Telangana Janani Jana Kethanam’, which is learnt will be adopted as the Telangana state song. The lyricist, Ande Sri, who has composed thousands of songs, never went to school. He was a shepherd boy as a kid and the orphan that he was, Ande Sri was taken care of by someone called Jakkareddy Mallareddy, whom he describes as ‘guru’. If he has never been to school and has not learnt the language, how has Ande Sri been able to pen songs and write poems? “Don’t ask me how. It is a mystery even to me. I wish I understood myself to explain to you how I have been able ...

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The role of Kamma migrants in the development of Andhra culture in Hyderabad- Dalel Benbabaali

In context of the debate over safety and security for migrants in Hyderabad, here is an interesting article on the development Andhra culture of migrants - (published in Geetha Reddy (ed.), Emerging urban transformations. Multilayered cities and urban systems, International Geographical Union, Urban geography Commission, Hyderabad) Abstract Hyderabad is a multilayered city which has long served as a melting point for different cultures. However, the massive arrival of rich migrants from coastal Andhra after the formation of Andhra Pradesh has added a new cultural and economic layer which tends to impose itself on others, rather than merge harmoniously with them. Among these migrants, professionals and businessmen belonging to the Kamma caste form a dominant group. Because of their wealth and ...

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Dominant caste and territory in South India: The case of the Kammas of Andhra Pradesh (Speech & Transcript)

Dominant caste and territory in South India: The case of the Kammas of Andhra Pradesh

This video about the Ph.D thesis on the rise of Kammas has been making waves on social media. Her doctoral thesis explores the relation between dominant caste and territory in South India through a detailed ethnography of the Kammas of Andhra Pradesh, with an emphasis on their migration patterns and upward social mobility, from landed farmers to businessmen, industrialists and professionals. The aim of her work was to unveil the mechanisms of power and control that are used by the dominant castes to perpetuate their hegemony. Here is the Ph.D thesis paper by Dalel Benbabaali, which she read out in the video above - Dominant caste and territory in South India: The case of the Kammas of Andhra Pradesh In ...

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