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Remembering The Great Soul Dasaradhi On His 89th Birth Anniversary

Today is the the 89th birth anniversary of the literary giant Dasaradhi Krishnamacharyulu, who was born on July 22, 1925 in in Warangal district. He was a great pundit in Andhra, Sanskrit, and Tamil languages and puranas. He gave up higher education to join the movement against autocratic Nizam Muslim rule in the Hyderabad Kingdom.

Krishnamacharyulu began writing poetry very young as a student. His poetry was revolutionary and was influenced by communist and leftist ideology of Karl Marx. Downtrodden, poor, exploited, workers etc. were his subjects in poetry.

In 1949, his first poetry compilation entitled “Agnidhaara” was published. It contained titles such as [maatrubhoomi, desabhakti, prajaporatam, dharmachakram, vasantakumari, shilpi etc. He published rudraveena in 1950, in which he described the life of starving poor. His works include mahaandhrodayam, punarnavam, mahaboadhi, Galib geetaalu, Dasaradhi satakamu , kavita pushpakam, timiramto samaram , aalochanaalochanalu etc. In addition, he wrote lyrics for many Telugu movies. His debut movie was vaagdanam. He wrote approximately 2000 lyrics for the film industry.

After a stint in All India Radio, he was appointed as the government poet in 1971 and was in that position till 1984 when NTR came to power. NTR unceremoniously ousted him and Dasaradhi died in 1987.

Today on his birth anniversary, we share with you the soulful song ‘Challani Samudragarbam..’ written by him.

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