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Telangana Vote Share

Telangana Vote Share Shows No ‘NaMo’ Wave

Examining the vote share in the just concluded general elections in Telangana, it is clear there was no NaMo wave in Telangana. Attached are the vote shares in Assembly and Lok Sabha elections across 119 Assembly and 17 MP constituencies. TRS scored more vote share in Parliamentary contests than in the assembly segments within the same MP constituencies. In many instances, such cross-voting resulted even in victories to TRS in MP seats. Chevella Parliamentary seat is an example where TRS won just 2 out of 7 assembly segments for MLA contests but won the Mp seat due to cross-voting by a comfortable margin of above 70,000 votes.

While the TDP/BJP alliance fetched a vote share of 22.44 in 17 Lok Sabha seats, TRS cruised to 34.6%. Even if we consider just the 8 seats BJP contested, the vote share of NaMo gang is 23.76% thereby siginifying NaMo didn’t cut any ice in Telangana. His speeches and comments didn’t go down well with Telangana agitators questioning his every move after he forced the Telangana BJP leadership to agree for an alliance with TDP. Even in the downward spiral it is in, Congress managed 25.96% vote share and beat BJP in Telangana despite the fact that it won just 2 MP seats just like the TDP/BJP combine. This conclusively proves NaMo wave could not take on the Telangana wave!

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